Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some New X-Mas stuff

Here are a few new things I am working on at this time. Some are done and some are in the process, just wanted people to see what I can make :)

Snowman Shirt (not done)

A full shirt dress.
I added a V outline to the front with a nice button in the middle

A cute X-Mas Tree

I can make these as a shirt design or as a PJ set like my daughter is wearing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Skirts

I just sent out a finished product that I forgot to take a pic of. Here is the skirt before I sewed it on the skirt, I also used different black buttons for the eyes. Hope to get a pic soon of Z wearing it :)

Here is the Handsome Zach wearing his T-Shirt.. I love it!

Here are some drawing I have for Thanksgiving.

X-Mas outfits, skirts, and dresses

I made this Candy Cane outfit for my daughter. She can wear the skirt or shirt alone or together as an outfit. The skirt has lots of room for your daughter to even wear it NEXT YEAR. What a great buy!

Here is some fabric I have on hand at the moment. The red fabric has white small dots all over. I can make a matching X-Mas shirt and make a skirt with the red fabric so you can use other times other then X-Mas. I have white and green trim for the skirts.

I am also making shirts with a cute X-mas theme. You can pick what you like. Here are some drawings I made but I fix them to look good on the shirt. Look at the Candy Canes in my drawings and the one I put on my daughters skirt they look different but it gives you an idea.

Mommy and Daughter Skirts

I have posted this skirt before that I made for my daughter but I have now made myself one to match. Super comfy skirt that you can dress up or down. This can be made in any fabric of your choice.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Sister and Little Bro outfits

Big Sister outfit with Zebra Print, I also added ribbon to the I's with a nice diamond button to give it that girly touch. The shirt was cut from long sleeve to short. I can make Big Bro shirts and outfits to.

Here is a LiL Bro and Big Sis showing off their matching shirts. Camo digital is the fabric I used.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Winter Wear

I also make winter apparel to keep your little ones warm!
These fleece sets are soft and cozy for those cold winter days.
Keep your little ones warm and O'Dorable!

Hats, Mittens, and Scarves

Dress her up!

Here are a few other O'Dorable Creations I have made!

Polka Dot Skirt
Short Sleeve Dress
Pillow Case Style Dress